Age is just a number – The 30 Day Coloring Challenge

It’s the last day of The 30 Day Coloring Challenge. Due to health problems this time not many colouring done. But every day I have taken me-time to read on the blog and look at all the beautiful things that were made. Kathy (The Daily Marker) it was great again, thank you so much and I hope next year an other Coloring Challenge.

This week I made a shaker card, it’s a birthday card for a friend. It’s often difficult to make up a male card  especially if you made every year for the same person a birthday card. But a shaker card I never made for him, so this time I did.
I used a stencil and three colours of Distress Oxide to blend numbers on the front panel.
Then I die cutted a heart out of that panel and with the same die and a smaller piece out if the die cutting nest, I cutted  a frame.
Out of three different colours of cardstock I die cutted numbers for the shaker part.
I glued the heart on to my base card and put  2 mm foam tape around it, that is my shaker part. Then I put the numbers in that heart.
Behind the heart opening that I die cut in the front panel I glued some transparent sheet, then I glued this part on top of my base card in such a manner that the transparent closes the shaker part.
To finish the shaker part I adhered the frame on top of the transparent.
The sentiment, Age is just a number in Dutch, I made on my computer, I cut it to the right size and finished my card by putting the sentiment with some foam tape on the card.
You can find the use materials under the images.

Leeftijd is maar een getal
Used Materials

Canson Bristol Smooth Cardstock
Joy Crafts Poly Besa Stencil Numbers
Distress Oxide Candied Apple – Salty Ocean – Black Soot.
Nellie Snellen Multi Frame Die MFD060 Straight Heart
Papicolor Original Cardstock 906
Nellie Snellen Die SD064 Text and Numbers


Delfts Blue in the snow – The 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Even though I did not coloured the images on this card, I made it with The 30 Day Coloring Challenge in mind, because I took every day a little “me-time” to make it!

Delfts Blue is a famous blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in The Netherlands.
The most highly-regarded period of production is about 1640–1740, but Delftware continues to be produced. Why I am telling this? I am Dutch and I made a Holiday card in blue and white, Delfts Blue in mind.

I used several stamp sets from different brands to make my winterscene. Starting with stamping the ice skating couple by Marianne Design and stamped them again on a piece of scrap paper so I could mask them while stamping the fence ( Viva Decor).
After that, I stamped a tree on the left side and also one on scrap paper so I could stamp the second tree behind it. I let this dry for several hours because I stamped with Distress Ink and I wanted to ad snow.
All the snow I have is water based so look for you work with snow, what base it is and when it is water base and you are stamping also with an water base ink or ink reacting with water (most dye inks are)  make sure the ink is dried well enough  otherwise you can get bleeding of the ink through your snow.
Added my snow and a little extra glitter on top of it, just an extra hint by blowing a little from my hand into the air (not in my room LOL but outside) and holding the card under the falling glitter. So I don’t get a lot of extra glitter because there is already glitter in my snow.
I added some Aqua Shimmer on the area where the ice is, to give this also a little shine.

I wanted to finish the card with falling snow made with my snow stencil, but where the stencil supposed to be it wasn’t. I turned my whole craftroom ( on that moment I was glad he is small) over but the stencil is gone and stays gone.
After doing a bunch of other small things I had to do, I returned to my craftroom in the hope that I would find the stencil in my daughters stencil map, but no, still gone.
Because I wanted to finish the card so it could dry overnight I picked some Acrylic paint and put this on a acryl stamping block with a little water and Perfect Pearls. I used a small paint brush, took a little bit of paint on my brush and tapped gently on my brush while I held it above the card. I wanted small flakes and not big blobs and not too much, just enough to put a little bit interest to the background. I masked the faces from the boy and girl. If you don’t, you will see that there is a splatter in a place where you don’’ t want it, for example on a eye. So masking is the answer.

The next day everything was dry and I put the panel on to a blue card with foam tape for some dimension and (at last) my first Holiday card for this year is finished.
You can find the use materials under the images.
The second image shows the glitter and shine on the card.

Delfts Blauw

Delfts Blauw2

Used Materials
Canson Bristol Smooth Cardstock
Distress Ink Blueprint Sketch
Marianne Design Cling Stamp  Set CS0906 Happy Winter
Studio Light Stamp Set 120 Sweet Winter Season
Viva Decor Weinachts Landschaft (Christmas scenery)
Marianne Design Stamp Set EC0138 Eline’s Sentiments
Nuvo Aqua Shimmer pen Glitter Gloss
Aleene’s Glitter Snow
Ultra Fine Glitter (brand unknown)
Acrylic paint with Ranger Perfect Pearls
Papicolor Original Cardstock 936
1 mm. Foam tape

The 30 Day Coloring Challenge

I am participating in the 30 Day Coloring Challenge that was started on 1 November.
This is not my first time and I am enjoying it everytime. I will tell you in a nutshell the concept of this,  it’s all about a little “me-time” everyday. 10/15 minutes a day for yourself and your hobby, to calm, relax and enjoy. There is nothing that you must, everything is good. You can all read it on the blog of The Daily Marker, hereby the link to the page where you can read all about it:

I don’t colour a image a day, sometimes I will post a part of a coloured image, a finished one or even the whole card when it’s finished. So I will not post everyday but I always read and comment on the daily blogpost at the Daily Marker site.
I thought this was a good moment to start making my Christmas cards.
Previously I made a whole pile of cards for everyone I sent a card, but nowadays I only make them for those I know they appreciate a handmade card and all the work that I put in it. The other ones still get a Christmas card but I buy them.
I started one, but can’t show you anything yet, the background didn’t came out as I had in mind and takes me a lot more work than I thought. So hope you all have a little patience with me and I hope to post my first Christmas card soon.

Dag 30 – 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Laatste dag van de 30 Day Coloring Challenge. Het is heel snel gegaan, het lijkt wel of het iedere keer sneller gaat.
Kathy bedankt voor een geweldige jubileumeditie, op naar de volgende!

Nog steeds simultaan aan het kleuren, één image huid kleuren heb ik af nu op naar de volgende. Dit is degene op het Fluweel karton, het helder wit karton.
De image aan de linkerkant is een blanco proefprint en referentie.
De gebruikte materialen staan onder de foto.

Last day of the 30 Day Coloring Challenge. It has gone so quickly, it seems that is goes faster each time.
Kathy thanks for a great anniversary edition, on to the next one!

I am still colouring simultaneous, one image with skin tones is done, the other image is next.
This is the one on the Fluweel cardstock, the bright white one.
The image on the left is a blank proof print and reference.
You can find the used materials under the image.
Afbeelding 4

Gebruikte materialen/Used materials – Kit and Clowder Monthly Class June 2018
Digital Image from Lee Holland
Canson Canson Mi Teinte Pastel White
Fluweelkarton Wit ( Looks like the Elizabeth Crafts Soft Finish Cardstock)
Faber Castell Polychromos

Dag 24 – 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Simultaan oefenen, omdat ik verschillende soorten papier wil uitproberen.
Links het Fluweelkarton, rechts het karton van Canson.
Het Canson karton is meer een créme kleur en het Fluweel is een helder wit karton.
De gebruikte materialen staan onder de foto.

Practising simultaneous while trying out different kind of papers.
Left the Fluweel cardstock and on the right the carstock from Canson.
The Canson is more a cream colour, the Fluweel is bright white cardstock.
You can find the used materials under the image.

Afbeelding 3

Gebruikte materialen/Used materials – Kit and Clowder Monthly Class June 2018
Digital Image from Lee Holland
Canson Canson Mi Teinte Pastel White
Fluweelkarton Wit ( Looks like the Elizabeth Crafts Soft Finish Cardstock)
Faber Castell Polychromos

Dag 23 – 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Nog steeds elke dag even tijd voor mezelf  nemen, even heerlijk kleuren!
Van een simpel jurkje naar “haute couture” met een paar kleurpotloden LOL, was het in het echte leven ook maar zo makkelijk.
Dit is wederom een kleurles van Kit and Clowder. In elke les staan meerdere technieken centraal, zoals b.v. in deze les een patroon maken op kleding waarbij je rekening moet houden met de schaduw en plooien in de stof.
De gebruikte materialen staan onder de foto.

I still take everyday a little me-time to enjoy and colour!
From a simple dress to “haute couture” with a few coloured pencils LOL, if only it were that easy in real life
This is again a Kit and Clowder colouring class. In each class there are multiple techniques, in this one for example; making patterns on cloth while you have to take into account the shadows on and pleats in the clothing.
You can find the used materials under the image.

Afbeelding 2

Gebruikte materialen/Used materials – Kit and Clowder Monthly Class June 2018
Digital Image from Lee Holland
Paper with a tooth that you can print to colour
Faber Castell Polychromos

Dag 17 – 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Klaar met een van de Kit and Clowder maandelijkse klassen, dit was de 2e die ik gevolgd heb en het was op sommige punten een echte uitdaging.
Maar ik ben heel tevreden met het resultaat. Als je denkt dat je wel even met een kleurpotlood aan de slag kan dan heb je het toch mis. Het is meer werk dan je denkt en neem b.v de huid van de Fairy daar worden alleen al 5 kleuren voor gebruikt. Dit om aan te geven dat men het kleuren met kleurpotloden niet moet onderschatten.
Het blenden wordt in dit geval met potloden en dan met name met het witte potlood gedaan. Dit is zwaarder, kost meer tijd en geduld dan met een blending medium zoals reukloze terpentine of baby olie. Het is ook zwaarder omdat het papier waarop je kleurt niet glad is.
Gebruikte materialen staan onder de foto.

Finished with one of the Kit and Clowder monthly classes, this was the second one I did and at some points it was a real challenge.
But I am very satisfied with the result. If you think that you can do this with your pencils in a few moments than you are so wrong, it’s not as easy as it looks. It is a lot more work than most people think, take for example the skin, that alone is done with 5 different colours on such small space. I tell you this because a lot of people underestimate colouring with pencils.
The blending in this image is done all by pencil from dark to light and the lightest colour is white.
Blending like this is harder, cost more time and effort than bleding with a medium like odourless mineral spirits like Gamsol or baby oil. Also because the surface you colour on is not smooth.
You can find the used materials under the image.

Afbeelding 8
Gebruikte materialen/Used materials – Kit and Clowder Monthly Class May 2018
Digital Image from Molly Harrison :
Canson Mi Teinte Pastel White, paper to colour the digital image
Faber Castell Polychromos