The Coloring Challenge Day 8 – Finally Finished

Finally finished my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils Hex Charts.
I started this project, you won’t believe it, in April 2020 during the 16th 30 Day Coloring Challenge.
The (empty) Chart is made by Sandy Allnock.
Here you can find her blog: and this is the site where you can purchase this and other Hex Charts:

I learned during colouring these that some colours really turned out different on the different colours of paper.  So it wasn’t a waste of time colouring on other papers too.
What I also learned was that the Kraft and Black coloured paper from my stash are not papers I love to work on with my coloured pencils.
I didn’t love how the colours turned out on the paper and on the black paper it looks like I used chalk instead of coloured pencil. Something I will keep in mind in case I wanted a chalky look (LOL).
What I will do is when I want to use another brand of paper with my pencils I will print a Hex Chart on the same paper and will fill it only with the colours I use on that moment or wanted to use.
That takes a lot less time and I will see immediately how the colours are on that specific paper.

If you’re not familiar with Hex Charts, here is a blog post in which I talk about it in depth