Not one but two masculine cards.

Sometimes you want to use a bright colour for a man’s birthday card because it suits him better than the more ” masculine ” colours.
I had an idea in my head and it took a few days before I transformed it to something I could make.

I wanted to die cut the word gefeliciteerd ( Dutch for congratulations) out of a yellow panel and put a water coloured panel underneath. Unfortunately my alphabet dies were too big, the word didn’t fit the panel.
I decided to use my Brother Scan ‘N Cut and used the Brother Canvas Workspace to design my panel with the word. Once I had that saved to my usb stick it was a piece of cake to cut it.
Thinking ahead I also let the machine cut my Eva Foam, this is a 1 mm. thick craft foam. I wanted to use this to put behind my panel. I cut it twice for dimension.

I didn’t know exactly how to cut the foam so I asked John Bloodworth (Gentleman Crafter) who does a lot with the Scan N Cut and makes great tutorials for it, if he could help me. He couldn’t but gave me the link to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (Balzer Design), she also makes great Scan N Cut tutorials. I watched a video on her YouTube channel where she uses foam but much thicker than mine and I also don’t have the deep cut blade she uses. So I tried different settings to cut and after trying a few times it cut perfectly.

scan n cut
I took my watercolour paper and taped it on to a piece of board because I wanted to use a lot of water. This way it doesn’t warp. After wetting the whole paper a few times I started to add colour with my Oxide inks.
The inks I put on a craft mat and with a big watercolour brush I added water to the inks and picked colour for colour up and painted it on my paper. By holding the board high on one site the ink runs in the next colour, just a little. I didn’t want to make other colours, just a nice transition between the colours without hard lines.
I put this aside to dry.

Watercolour background
I took my panel with the letters still inside and used purple tape on the back so they would stay on place.
On that moment I thought it would be great to use the letters for another card. I had the letters also of foam, so I could make a second card and add on that card the letters with dimension. But I wanted to stamp my panel with my letters inside. So I made a second panel out of white cardstock and put both of the panels in my Stamping Tool.
Because I let the letters in my yellow panel, the letters were also stamped and because I used my Stamping Tool I could stamp on exact the same place on the white panel.
I used my Crealies stamp and the same three Oxide inks as I used for the watercolour panel, only I didn’t use any water this time. I stamped the colours randomly and every time I stamped on my yellow panel I also stamped on the same place on my white panel.
I put the both panels aside to try.

panel stempelen
I first assembled the white card using the yellow panel as a guide to place the yellow letters on the right spot, so the stamping had a continuous pattern. I had already put the foam letters from the foam panels behind the yellow letters for dimension.
After gluing the letters on top of the white panel I die cut the word Hartelijk (Happy) twice out of red cardstock. I first put some StickIt to my red cardstock so I could easily adhere the word on top of each other after die cutting. By using two layers on top of each other the word wouldn’t be to flat in comparison with the yellow letters. I adhered the word on the white panel and the panel on a yellow base card.
Finished this one, on to the next one.

I glued both of the foam panels on top of each other and on top of that I glued my yellow panel.
I put this aside with a not too heavy book on top so it could dry but not pressing down my foam.
In the meanwhile I cut and folded my blue base card and die cut also for this card the word Hartelijk (Happy) twice out of red cardstock where I had adhered StickIt on the backside. I adhered the words on top of each other and on top of the yellow panel.
I hold my piece of watercoloured panel behind the opening of the yellow panel and I thought something was missing. I decided that I would splatter some ink drops on top of the panel without diluting the colours too much. That was better. I used the same Oxide ink colours as before.

spetter achtergrond
After this was dry I glued the watercoloured panel behind the yellow panel. I then used double sided adhesive to adhere the completed panel onto the blue base card. And that finished my card.

And instead of having the one card that I had in mind, I had two!  Just because I used the “leftovers” from the original card. The completed text on both cards says Happy birthday.

The used materials are under the image and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I am sorry that the image of the cards is a bit too light, I can’t change that anymore
because the cards are already send.

2 kaarten
Used Materials

Papicolor Smart Cardstock Skyblue for the basecard
Papicolor Smart Cardstock Kingcup Yellow for the panel
Papicolor Smart Cardstock Kingcup Yellow for the second basecard
Papicolor Smart Cardstock  White for the second panel
Scan ‘N Cut
Eva Foam
Crealies Bits & Pieces Clear Stamp 11 Sparkle
Distress Oxide Lucky Clover, Salty Ocean and Candied Apple
Water colour Cardstock
Marianne Design Creatable LR0221
A scrap piece of Red Cardstock