As sunny as the colours of 2021 above, as sunny I wish for you the New Year will be. With good health, real live hugs, without social distancing between friends and family, lots of love and craft time

Looking back I would like to let the readers who wonder why my posts stopped in 2020 know that I had lung surgery in beginning July and instead of 3 weeks I spent almost 8 weeks in the hospital because everything didn’t go as planned and I got a second operation.
I knew from previous hospital admissions that I wouldn’t have any energy for my hobbies, I also lose my mojo. But I know they both will come back little by little. This time it took a long time and it wasn’t back in time for my Christmas cards. I made some while playing a little with my inks and send them only to people I knew they would appreciate them.
Unfortunately I also have camera problems, I can’t download the photos I made from that few cards in to my pc. I hope this is resolved soon so that, although very late, I can post the few Christmas cards I made.
And of course the new things I’m working on at the moment!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.