Day 20 of The 30 Day Coloring Challenge – Hex Chart

I couldn’t post anything last week because my health got in the way and I have several cards that I’m working on but have to finish them before I can show them. What I can show although it isn’t done yet (that will take a while) are the Hex Charts I’m colouring.
Of course I have made for my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils a colour chart as you can see on the picture but a hex chart is different.

The Hex Chart shows visually similar colours adjacent to each other, rather than numerically similar. It’s a visual organization of the pencil colours. That definition is written on the Hex Chart and the Chart is made by Sandy Allnock.
Here you can find her blog: and this is the site where you can purchase the Hex Chart:
There are charts for different brands of coloured pencil and one for Copic Markers.
And when you are there, look around, she has awesome classes/courses as well
As Sandy recommended, I’m colouring on different papers. Use the paper and colours of paper you normally would use for your colouring. The following paper is what I used.
I love a real white paper, that’s my  Canson 1557 (110.5 lb). This paper has a light texture.
The off white paper is the Mi-Teintes (75 lb) and has more texture than the white paper.
My kraft and black paper are both unbranded, black I hardly use and the kraft is an experiment, both have no real texture.
With those four colours of paper I cover most of the colours and type of paper I use.
I will post the charts also when they are completed.

Hex chart

4 gedachtes over “Day 20 of The 30 Day Coloring Challenge – Hex Chart

  1. Wonderful Henriette! I am hoping this message finds you doing well and feeling a bit better! Hugs to good health!!!!
    Love how you are doing these in different papers!


  2. Thank you so much Natasha, I am a bit better, hope your hugs do the rest!
    First I thought I only do it on the white paper but I’m so glad I didn’t, the colours show so different on the coloured papers. Stay safe and have a wonderful week.

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