A little Kathy magic and some shadows.

I finally finished the beautiful Power Poppy image, it took longer than I hoped but life and very warm weather got in the way.

As I mentioned before, (see here and here) this is a digital stamp set by Power Poppy and I have printed it on Canson Mixed Media Paper with a laser printer. If you print with a laser printer you are sure that the lines won’t bleed when you use Distress Ink and water, like I did for this image.

Working in several layers requires some patience because the previous one has to be dry before starting the next layer.
If there is anything I learned from Tim Holtz about Distress Ink it is that “wet on wet blends and wet on dry layers”, what is also true for most other mediums used with water. Therefore I worked on several flowers at the same time. With such small flowers and the way I coloured them the drying time is not very long.
When I wrote this post I noticed that I had forgotten to take a photo when I finished using the Distress ink. Hence a photo where I am half done, so that you can still compare it with the next photo.

Tweede plaatsing
After finishing all the colouring with my Distress Inks, I used what I call the Kathy Magic.
From Kathy Racoosin, @kathyrac or The Daily Marker, I learned to darken the nooks and crannies and to use coloured pencil to add more depth in the flowers (or any other image).
Kathy uses a black marker for the nooks and crannies most of the time, but that is something I didn’t dare. So I used dark pencil colours that matched my flowers or colours in the same colour group.

And then came the scary part, adding shadows around the whole image. I used pencils for that because I didn’t want to do it with my Distress ink. I was to scared that the dark ink would bleed into my image and   ruin it. Instead of black I used two of my darkest cold grey pencils.

+ potlood
When I finished the shadows I didn’t see them much and decided that I would go over my image lines with a XS black fineliner. And then my bouquet of flowers came to life again and I did see a hint of the shadow, just enough to give it a little dimension.
Next time I will colour the shadow before I colour the image, just like a possible background. This way I can’t ruin the colouring of my image.

The photos below are the same but with different light.
The used materials are under the photos and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.



Used Materials

Canson Mixed Media Paper 98 lb
Power Poppy Digital Stamp Set Rose All Day
Distress Inks:
Abandoned Coral – Squeezed Lemonade – Worn Lipstick – Wilted Violet – Twisted Citron – Mowed Lawn – Grand Espresso – Peeled Paint – Forest Moss – Pine Needles – Tea Dye – Hickory Smoke –  Black Soot – Fossilized Amber and Salty Ocean.
Derwent Coloursoft pencils for the image; I used colours out of the same colour group and/or a shade darker than the ink.
Polychromos coloured pencils for the shadow around the image, I used 235 Cold Grey VI and 233 Cold Grey IV
Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens black fineliner XS


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